My name is Charlotte Kench and I’m a writer, editor and translator from Sydney with a profound love for Portugal. For as long as I’ve been alive, I’ve been trying to follow at least 5 interests at any given point in time (i.e. Portuguese, samba, the ukulele, gardening…) to varying degrees of success. I’ve always marvelled at those rare and magical people that have somehow managed to not only decide on, but to pursue and even master, just one of their many passions. How do they do it?

Whilst living in Lisbon, it dawned on me that I happen to have met a lot of creative people from different corners of the world and it’s a shame that they might never cross paths. If you’ve ever wanted to play cupid with people you think would really get along, then it was sort of like that, but with a list of thirty people dotted across the globe.

Mond.ela began as a way of connecting and celebrating these people in my life. Especially those that have to overcome all kinds of financial uncertainty and pangs of self-doubt to pursue freelance, creative or unconventional work. I wanted to provide a platform to bolster their online presence, to share their work with a wider audience and to do so on their own terms. That’s why the interviewee has the final say on which of their portraits are posted on Mond.ela’s interviews and social media.

Thank you to all of the rare and magical people I have photographed and interviewed so far.

This list never stops growing thanks to you. I still don’t know how you do it.


mond.ela project