My name is Charlotte and I’m a writer, editor and translator from Sydney currently based in Lisbon.

I began the MOND.ELA project as a means of celebrating the creative people I have encountered in my travels, especially the wom*n that are passionate and dedicated to what they are doing despite the financial and emotional difficulties of pursuing creative, freelance or unconventional work. I wanted to find a way to value them through the act of photography and provide a simple Q&A to introduce their work to a wider audience, with the potential for support and collaboration. I meet with all of the people featured here and my goal is to continue the project in person. That said, I am open to the idea of submissions in the name of geographical inclusiveness and fostering an online community of creatives whom are willing to share what they do and connect with others.

I hope you enjoy reading through the answers from a wide range of creative people from around the world and that you find inspiration, the courage to pursue your passions and perhaps even a new collaborative partner or pen pal!

With love,



Necklace: Casa Mondella (supporting independent Italian artisans)

Kaftan: Project Change International (supporting Cambodian women and students)