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SOFIYAH McCORMACK, Mapping states of interbeing

Sofiyah McCormack for Mond.ela

Who are you?

I’m a Sydney-born artist, with Sundanese and Italian roots. I’m into nomadic cyborgean ontology, rhizomes and sambal.

What do you do?

I paint. My work looks at flesh and often the mutating/hybrid body, with an interest in the blurred boundaries of subjectivity and the politics of bodies through culture, ethnicity and gender. I also prescribe botanical skincare on the side to support my practice.


Currently in Sydney’s Inner West.

Something you’re working on at the moment:

I’m working on a series of new paintings, and also have a food-related project very slowly developing in the background.

Who encourages you to pursue your work when sh*t hits the fan? 

My friend Lucy. She’s a fierce achiever, and a fierce believer in me and my work. I’m lucky to have the strongest, most angelic support network that scoops me off the floor without question when shit hits the fan. I also have a very special orca tooth that has provided incomparable soothing and some pretty healing dreams to me in my darkest hours.

Something someone has said to you about you or your work that makes you smile:

“You’ve never really done things in halves, have you”.



What are you listening to at the moment? 

Four Ethers – Serpentwithfeet

Brujas – Princess Nokia

Yeh Jo Halka Saroor Hae – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Marilyn Monroe – Sevdaliza

Gimme Some – Nina Simone

Where can we find your work? and on Instagram @dusthoney

I will also be showing some new work alongside some other badass femmes in a group exhibition titled ‘Pearls’ and curated by Natalie Yang, at Lubov Gallery in Tribeca, NYC from Aug 20 – Sept 24.

Sofiyah McCormack


How can we support it? 

You can support me by supporting other womxn. By advocating and elevating more womxn of colour in the arts. By creating space and platforms for those whose voices are stifled by those given too much space. By demanding more funding for the arts. And if you would like to purchase my work or start something together, write to me .

And if you’re in the area, drop by to see the show!


Future projects or collaborations you’d like to do: 

I’d love to collaborate on a performance piece incorporating bodies and textures in motion. I’m also developing a project that will investigate meaningful giving through both Sundanese and Italian traditions surrounding food.




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