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SANDRA ZEGARRA PATOW uses Photography and Interactive Media Design to F**k With Your Mind


Who are you?

Sandra Zegarra Patow, an interactive media design student studying at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague.

Sandra Zegarra Patow

What do you do?

Photography, film, basically anything that has to do with images. I like to brainfuck people’s minds.


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

SAZE20160904Giogio Trans052

Something you’re working on at the moment:

Finishing a series I have been working on called Free At last, which is going to be part of an exhibition by KOTI called QUEENS OF THE INDUSTRY. I will be exhibiting my work with several female artists.

Who or what encourages to pursue your work when the sh*t hits the fan?

To keep in mind where I came from, my family, my country, Peru… my past is an everyday reminder that I want to be a successful artist in life because that’s the one thing I can control.


Sandra in Berlin, February 2017

Something someone has said about your work that makes you smile:

I get different compliments about my work and I appreciate that people like my work because it makes me feel that they are seeing what I try to make people see. It makes me feels that I am doing something good in what I love to do, but I don’t try to think about that too much because I want to keep growing as an artist.

Sandra Zegarra Patow

Where can we find your work?

On social media:



and on my website. 

What is your current soundtrack?

At the moment, it’s Plata by Hotel Paradisio

Sandra Zegarra Patow

How can we support your work?

Spread the word haha, follow me, talk to me, email me, collab with me 

Future projects or collaborations you’d like to do:

I would love to collaborate with Michel Gondry, because of his dreamy/unique approach to filming. Also working with Alex Prager, because of her cinematic approach in Photography. In general I would like to work with any artist who has a certain voice in their work, I love working with people and to get inspired by that person and their point of view in their work and life.


Click here to see details for the QUEENS OF THE INDUSTRY exhibition that will feature Sandra’s work from May 27th in Rotterdam.



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