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LILIANA MARIA VIEIRA ESCALHÃO, Professional chef: Primeiro Andar, Má Língua & A Li

Guess who’s cooking up a storm in the gorgeous Lisbon neighbourhood of Graça? Liliana Escalhão! This talented chef was one half of the beloved hotspot Primeiro Andar, which sadly closed its doors after four years of dancing, dining and dedicated customers. With a penchant and a passion for putting together meals that are fresh, nutritious and made with the kind of love you can see that Liliana has with her suppliers at the food markets. It’s enough to make you melt like a tosta de cavala com pesto de coentros e queijo Brie, em bolo levedo vindo diretamente dos Açores. If you don’t know what that means in English, there’s no point in trying to translate this…

It’s just too delicious for my words to do it justice.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 6.11.30 PM.png

This talented chef has just opened TWO restaurants in Graça. After the beloved Primeiro Andar closed its doors in Lisbon last year, we are thrilled that Liliana is back on the scene with @a_li_no_hangar and @ma_lingua !


Who are you? 

I’m Liliana and cooking is my life.

What do you do?

I cook with my heart.


We just opened Má Língua – Rua senhora do monte 1c – and we are about to launch A Li – Rua damasceno monteiro 12 – which will open on Saturday April 22nd!

Both are in Graça, Lisbon.


Some of the delicious things you can expect at Má Língua.

Who is there for you when the sh*t hits the fan?

The Escalhão family,

friends from the heart

and Vitor.

Something someone has said about your work that makes you smile:

“The food was great”.

I really like when people say they feel at home in our place

and when they are able to come alone,

That’s really nice for me.


IMG_1412.jpgLiliana and Dona Elisa at the Saldanha fresh food markets in Lisbon.

Where can we find your work?

You can find my recipes at Amigos e Sabores – which will probably be familiar to the people who used to visit Primeiro Andar (Note: this popular and beloved Lisbon hangout closed it’s doors last year – and is sorely missed!)

Now you can find me at Má Língua and A Li.

How can we support it?

Sharing my work and coming to try my food, following us on instagram and facebook for recipes and events.



Future projects/collaborations you are looking to embark on:

My project in A Li is to create a space for sharing experiences, where I can teach, learn, meet people, create partnerships exploring gastronomy in various directions but always in a very creative way.

I want to invite all kinds of creative people to cook with me, once a week, whether they are chefs, musicians, artists, writers and create unique gastronomic experiences.

Liliana will be serving up delicious and nutritious lunch bowls at A Li.

For Má Lingua I want people to feel at home, to have good food and wine and the purpose of the place is for people to use it as well as a place for everybody to show their work: jam sessions, exhibitions, poetry, music, etc

Má Língua has a charming bar and downstairs dining area where they will hold events.

Click here to see event details for A Li’s opening night on Saturday April 22

If you enjoy art, poetry, music and fashion and you live in Lisbon (or want to visit) we are honoured and excited to announce that Mond.ela has been invited to host monthly events at Má Língua!

Stay tuned 🙂



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