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MARA SILVÉRIO, Portuguese poet & curator for emerging artists


Who are you?  

I’m a thinker, uma pensadora, always searching for new things in my life; new feelings, new words, new places, new people. Não gosto de sentir-me inerte – stuck in my body, my thoughts, stuck in the same places…

What do you do?

Apart from working fulltime as a content manager, I write poetry and curate exhibitions of emerging artists a freelancer.


Numa cidade de luz, always surrounded (hopefully) with kind and creative people.


Who or what do you turn to when the sh*t hits the fan?

Power, Corruption & Lies (1983), New Order

Rumors (1977), Fleetwood Mac

“Irene” from album Cavalo (2014) by Rodrigo Amarante

Janis Joplin, Keaton Henson, Devendra Banhart and José Gonzalez

My friends, my family, red wine and chocolate.

Something that someone has said to you about your work that makes you smile:

“Keep writing, keep trying, because when I read some poems I think, this is really you.”

“I feel really connected to the experiences you write about.”

Where can we find your work?

At the moment, cargocollective is the only place you can see my work at the moment.

Unless, of course you’d like to buy my book of poetry, Outono Primário, which is available for purchase online.



How can we support it?

First of all, the most important thing, is to support art itself and contemporary women artists behind it – other Portuguese writers and women artists. Poetry is such a small niche of people who read and appreciate this kind of literature and it’s difficult to get young people to appreciate this kind of literature, reading and understanding it as a complex way to express feelings.

Poetry creates different worlds and can open different channels and ways of perceiving your own world. Its depth and complexity can become a way for the reader to have their experiences and reality reflected back to them, like in art and music. Where as novels usually rely on a beginning, middle and end, poetry leaves you guessing which way it will lead you.

See the book trailer for ‘Outono Primário’ here

Future projects/collaborations you are looking to embark on

Right now, for my next step I was thinking about developing my work in collaboration with visual artists. Poetry being projected in public spaces, street art, galleries, etc… because the writing remains in the book otherwise and is only exposed to those people who read it.

In the street, however, you have the power to connect with people that aren’t familiar with your work, they don’t know who you are and yet they happen upon your work in the context of art as they stroll through the city.  It would be great to collaborate with an artist that could connect with my writing in a poetic way and develop the aesthetic and visual side of it. It’s a little/big dream that I have…


If you happen to be in Lisbon and are interested to read some of Mara’s work as a curator, there is currently an exhibition of Samuel Matzig’s photography on display at edgearts in Amoreiras. You can see the facebook event for the TOBEL exhibition here.


Special thanks to Alice 1930 that provided us with these gorgeous vintage blouses that were handmade in Lisbon. This new clothing line is set to launch in May.

Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with the creator, Teresa Mota Ferreira. There’s always Instagram in the meantime…



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