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REWA MACKIE, Creative food artist and expert nutritionist


Who are you?

Proud Kiwi, Creative food artist and nutritionist

What do you do?

Create an achievable fun loving lifestyle through food and health. Making healthy options exciting and damn tasty.


Sydney Australia

Something you’re working on at the moment:

Developing a line of organic functional elixirs.

Who encourages you to pursue your work when sh*t hits the fan?

My inspiring sister and mother.

Something someone has said to/about you/your work that makes you smile:

“Your face lights up and glows when speaking about food and health”.


Rewa’s recipes are both mouth-watering and nutritious! Find them @specialisednutrition.

Where can we find your work?

On social media (instagram and facebook) under specialisednutrition and the recipe section at

How can we support it?

By liking my page, try my recipes, give me feedback, come for a dinner party.

Future projects or collaborations you’d like to do:

I would love to collaborate with a chef and events director to create exclusive wholefood events in beautiful locations and teach about the power of delicious wholefoods on health.


Rewa at Sprout Wholefood Café in Naremburn, Sydney.


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