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SOFIA ROQUE, co-founder of ARTROOM affordable art gallery and Second Chance Lx


Who are you?

I am a Portuguese girl, loving life every day, thinking about today and dreaming about tomorrow.

What do you do?

I have 2 projects: Art Room (exhibitions and affordable art sales) and Second Chance Lx (pop up stores selling second hand clothes).


Both are in Lisbon. Art Room is in Príncipe Real and Second Chance that is actually in Belem.

Who is there for you when sh*t hits the fan?

A special girl friend and the Tagus river.

Second Chance Lx in Belém 

A unique/powerful piece of praise you have received: 

About the goodness of my son.

 Where can we find your work?

On the facebook page but we are preparing the online store.

Meanwhile we love to have visits in our place at Príncipe Real: Pátio do Tejolo, 1 Lisboa 1350-301.

The Artroom gallery in Príncipe Real 

How can we support it?

Sharing our artists’ work

Showing the space other artists exhibitions

Future projects/collaborations you are looking to embark on:

Make the same project in other beautiful places, showing talented artists and to be in the map of the affordable art

Version 2

Ana and Sofia, the founders of Artroom gallery.

Upcoming exhibitions:

Signs of Love



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