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LISA BONNICI, Founder of Social Dating Experiment



Who are you?
I’m Lisa Bonnici. 
Who am I? I’m Australian with a hint of Italian origin, living in Sydney, though I grew up in Newcastle. I’m a Taurus, 27 and someone who has always loved love. Someone who dreams of a world where people hold their dreams, romantic ideals and treasured ones close, aspire to synergy and continue to believe in the power of love. Someone who sees the ultimate end goal of life as the empowerment of all.

What do you do?
I’m Assistant Director of Studies at an English language school in Sydney and Founder of “Social Dating Experiment” and collaborator on “Open Mind Mic”.

Sydney, Australia 


Lisa with participants of Social Dating Experiment #3 at Sappho Books Café 

Who is there for you when sh*t hits the fan?

Reflecting on this question actually brings up a lot for me. It makes me realise how many people have been and continue to be there for me if I needed them. Family, friends, colleagues and just beautiful people in the communities that I’ve been exposed to.

A unique and powerful piece of praise you have received:
“You light up a room when you share” and
You see me the way I want to be seen” 

Where can you find my work:

Follow Social Dating Experiment on Facebook,my blog and creative reflections on “Words that are safe for a tea party” or poetic pieces on Instagram @lisajanebon

How can we support it?

By liking “Social Dating Experiment” on Facebook and sharing upcoming events 😊

Future projects:

I’d like to create and launch my budding seed “Social networking experiment” this year – a networking event to bring creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, humanitarians and professionals together to collaborate, share and collaborate on creative projects. A thread I’d like to follow…




Why not give tinder a rest and get your tickets for the next Social Dating Experiment here ! It’s a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Lisa and Jude will guide you through some thoughtful activities and who knows who you might cross paths with…

Sunday 5th March, 2017 at Sappho Books, Café & Wine Bar in Glebe, Sydney.


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