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KIM THOMPSON, Freelance artist, musician and self-described ‘gore-hound’

Kim Thompson for the Mond.ela project

Who are you?

Artist, musician, gore-hound. Purveyor and celebrator of garish/kitsch/trash aesthetic.

What do you do?

I specialise in freelance illustration. 


Currently between both Nottingham and Manchester, UK.


Who is there for you when sh*t hits the fan?

Aside from my amazing family, I’m lucky enough to have the continued support of a small but elite group of badass women with whom I’ve been friends with for many years ❤️

A unique/powerful piece of praise you have received:

I must admit I struggle with the notion of praise in relation to my own work – ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ art is really a matter of taste/opinion, hence praise is always lovely to receive but ultimately I believe an artist should make work for themselves. That being said, the best advice I ever received was just to be persistent, to never stop…. to have faith in and own your craft, to become an expert at what you do no matter how niche. Carving out an unconventional career is tricky, time consuming, and full of uncertainty – this particular bit of advice has pulled me through times of extreme doubt and I feel is actually true! Persistence and self belief is key.

Where can we find your work?

I am all over social media like a rash so take your pick…


INSTAGRAM:  @kim_a_tron

TWITTER:  @publiKIMage_ltd




How can we support your work?

I’m honestly just happy with a ‘like’ and a ‘share’ here and there, all contribute to both exposing others to my work and connecting me with other creatives. For anyone interested in actually owning a piece of my work I can be contacted for private commissions via email ( and have prints available on my Etsy shop Kim Thompson Art.


Future projects/collaborations you are looking to embark on:

I would love to connect with like-minded artists looking at putting on collaborative shows, perhaps some kind of exchange, it would be great to meet with new and international artists either virtually/ in real life and to exhibit outside of the UK!



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